The new engineering


I conceived the new engineering in 1963.


“New Theory of Thermal Stability in Boiling Systems” (Nucleonics, May, 1964) was the first article on the new engineering.


The New Heat Transfer (Ventuno Press, 1974) was the first book on the new engineering.  (Russian translation was published by Mir, Moscow, in 1977.)


The New Engineering (Ventuno Press, 2002) was the first book that addressed the full scope of the new engineering. 



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This site contains my presentations and my publications including The New Heat Transfer (first and second editions) and The New Engineering.  They can be downloaded for personal use without charge, or purchased from retailers that sell out-of-print books (such as Amazon).


This site is a work in progress.  When it is completed, it will contain all of the sections listed below in the Table of Contents.  (Incomplete sections are identified by the absence of links.)


The conception, development, and promotion of the new engineering have been my lifework.  I have generally been publicly ignored, and privately portrayed as a crackpot.  I have met with stubborn resistance at almost every turn, and have occasionally been the victim of dirty tricks.  Nothing discourages me.  


I am confident that the new engineering will globally replace conventional engineering.  In 1963, I naively and erroneously thought the world in general, and academia in particular, would welcome the new engineering because it is so much better and simpler than modern engineering.  And because I was only 30 years old, I thought I would live to see the new engineering globally accepted.  I have for some time realized that I will be in my grave long before that happens.



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Table of Contents




1.     Modern engineering—the brainchild of Joseph Fourier (1822).


2.     What’s wrong with modern engineering?


3.     Overview of the new engineering.


4.     25 minute Powerpoint presentation on the new engineering.


5.     Book entitled The New Engineering:


a.    Downloadable copy of The New Engineering.


b.    Narrative on writing and marketing The New Engineering.


c.     Reviews


d.    Reader comments


6.      Book entitled The New Heat Transfer               


a.     Narrative on writing and marketing The New Heat Transfer. 


b.    Downloadable copies of the first (1974) and second (1989) editions.  


c.     Libraries that have loan copies.


d.    Reviews of the first edition.


e.     Reviews of the second edition.


f.      Reader comments


7.     The Russian edition of The New Heat Transfer (published by Mir, Moscow in 1977).


a.     Narrative on the Russian edition of The New Heat Transfer.


b.    Downloadable copy of the Russian edition.


8.      Published papers


9.      Published letters and errata that concern my work.


10.  Papers I presented at engineering conferences, none of which was deemed good enough to warrant publication in an American Journal.


11.  Talks I was invited to give at AIChE and ASME dinner meetings.


12.  My patents.


13.  Timeline with biographical notes


14.   Narratives:


     a.  Debunking the myth that Newton conceived the heat transfer coefficient and the equation inappropriately referred to as “Newton’s law of cooling “ in most American heat transfer texts.


     b.  The storm of protest against “New Theory of Thermal Stability in Boiling Systems” published in Nucleonics in May of 1964, and my response.


c.     My 1964 paper that was accepted for publication in the AIChE Journal (but never published there), and the amazing view expressed by Professor Rohsenow.  (The paper was published in 1994 in the International Journal of the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineering.  It was just as timely and important in 1994 as it had been in 1964.)


d.     The lecture Professor Graham B. Wallis invited me to give in 1965, and the errors and lack of attribution in his publications on thermal stability.


e.       My futile efforts to publish “A Transformed Moody Chart That Is Read Without Iterating”, including the mind-boggling rejection by the Editor of the ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering.


f.       How my experimental work on heat transfer to boiling liquid metals resulted in the new engineering.


g.     Experiences while working at GE, and why I resigned in disgust in 1963.


h.     Contentious correspondence with Professor Sparrow relating to the acceptance by ASME of ads for The New Heat Transfer.


i.        Experiences while working as a consultant to a subsidiary of Babcock and Wilcox.


j.        Experiences working as a job shopper.


k.     My lectures at the University of Mexico, and at a Pemex refinery in Tampico, Mexico


l.        My quixotic trip to Washington, D.C., and the parking ticket I got at the Pentagon.


m.   Correspondence with Professor Harding Bliss of Yale University


n.     Correspondence with Professor Charles F. Bonilla of Columbia University


15.  My views on matters that concern engineering:


a.     Education


b.    Data


c.     Peer review


d.    Proper role of journal editors


e.     Proposed method of administering Journals.


16.  Anecdotes about my heroes.