Correspondence with Professor Harding Bliss,

Yale University, Editor of AIChE Journal


                        f bliss = from Bliss                    t bliss = to Bliss



640227#          f bliss    ***reject first version of q dt--Rohsenow review enc

640301#          t bliss    reply to negative reviewer--refers to enc letter to rohsenow

640305#          f bliss    he sent letter to rohsenow

640313#          t rohsenow t bliss          ***enc graph of data he used in book--copy to bliss

640316#          t bliss    transmit revised version of q dt

640319#          t bliss    transmit tran boiling ms

640319#          f bliss    q dt ms to be reviewed as a communication

640323#          t bliss    not agree to consider q dt ms as a communication

640403#          f bliss    will review tran boil ms

640403#          f bliss    letter sounds like an acceptance of q dt ms

640409#          t bliss    transmits revised q dt ms--i assume acceptance is definite

640409#          f bliss    enc favorable review by seban

640415#          f bliss    paper not yet accepted

640421#          f bliss    he accepts q dt ms for publication--unhappy re my 4/9 letter

640427#          f rohsenow       ***includes graph to show nonlinearity--BLIND copy to bliss

640505#          f bliss    transmits neg reviews of tran boil ms

640505#          f bliss    ***"indicates he received copy of rohsenow letter of 4/27

640507#          t griffith t bliss   appraises griffith negative review of tran boil ms

640518#          f bliss    he agrees rohsenow graph linear--he unhappy my Griffith letter

640817#          f bliss    ***"he received vigorous complaint re q dt ms--temporary stop on pub

640819#          f bliss    i must answer 2 points in miller letter of 8/6

640821#          t bliss    i answer 2 points in bliss letter of 8/19

640824#          f bliss    he not satisfied with my answers in 8/21 letter

640824$          f bliss t miller     ***"bliss asks miller select data 4 me 2 analyze--refers 2 my tel call

640826#          t bliss    whether bonilla could see bubbles to detect boiling

640907#          f bliss    ***transmits costello letter--ms not good enuff to publish

640907#          f bliss    he suggests statistical method to prove q dt

640912#          t bliss    ***reviews our relationship and his work ethic

650908#          t bliss    ***notes several authors show q dt linear--request he copy westwater

650913#          f bliss    he copied westwater--not reconsider q dt if covered in my ad

650919#          t bliss    ***pleased at re-re-review--describe my q dt mail out--pls copy westwater

650923#          f bliss    **he reconsidering pub q dt ms

650925#          f bliss    re q dt ms

661031#          t rohsenow       please send infor--recaps his role in q dt ms and bliss

630918            t bliss    first letter to him

630918            t bliss    first letter to him

631019            t bliss   

631023            f bliss   

631026            t bliss    long letter--overview of my boiling articles

631029            t bliss    where's the data?

631031            f bliss    his view of q vs T

631104            f bliss    he interested in my view of tables and figures

631107            f bliss    my views on tables/figs and my philosophy

631113            f bliss   

631115            t bliss    long letter

631224            t bliss   

631226            f bliss   

631230            f bliss   

640105            t bliss    nice letter

640116            t bliss   

640120            t bliss    quote Wells and Twain

640120            f bliss    2 letters

640124            t bliss    data--Thoreau

640203            f bliss   

640205            f bliss    he very busy

640221            t bliss   

640324            f bliss    return trans boil ms?

640325            f bliss    communication vs paper

640330            t bliss    descartes--return trans ms?

640404            f bliss    form letter--review enc ms

640406            t bliss    thanks for accept ms--comments on revisions

640406            t bliss    nice letter

640407            t bliss    ***Rohsenow letter and griffith888

640408            f bliss    thanks for reviewing ms

640412            t bliss    ** privilege to publish--quotes 888

640413            t bliss    seban review--mit theses unavailable

640413            t bliss    2nd law

640414            t bliss    my philosophy

640417            t bliss    changes to q dt ms

640420            t bliss    send enc to favorable reviewer

640420            t bliss    refers to flap with griffity

640421            f bliss    second law

640423            f bliss    he will fwd to reviewer

640423            t bliss   

640423            t bliss    negative reviews

640429            f bliss   

640430            t bliss    von hunboldt

640601            t bliss    my q dt art

640604            f bliss    he unhappy

640613            t bliss    enc ms

640616            t bliss    second law

640624            f bliss   

640626            f bliss    received ms

640626            t bliss    nucl complaints--wright quote re groping in the dark

640701            t bliss    discusses my rejected ms

640815            t bliss    refers to argonne seven and other neg reviews

640817            f bliss    neg reviews of boiling dt discrepancy paper

640818            t bliss    transmit neg reviews received from miller re q dt ms

640819            t bliss    ***reply to ltr of 17th that q dt ms would be "reappraised"888

640819            t bliss    explains quote "nature not wear secrets on her sleeve"

640821            f bliss    his concern about complaints to nucl

640910            f bliss    **copy of a neg rev sent to bliss--review is most awful888

640921            f bliss    I am rude and insulting

641031            t bliss    will he publish q dt note w/o review? his neg answer adjoins

650415            f bliss    he happy if i use his name for ref to aiche

660321            t bliss    require storage of data at ADI

660324            f bliss    refers to ADI