Published letters and errata that concern my work



Letter to the Editor entitled “Thermal Stability View Disputed” by J. B. Heineman, H. Fauske, P. A. Lottes, and B. M. Hoglund, Argonne National Laboratory, letters from other experts who unanimously disputed my view of thermal stability, and my replies, Nucleonics Magazine, December, 1974.  The published version of “Thermal Stability View Disputed” was an edited version of the letter I was told would be published.  See the letter to me dated 9/9/64 from Harold L. Davis, the managing editor of Nucleonics. 


Note that Davis’ letter indicated that two letters would be published:  one letter that referred to my article as a hoax, and was signed by seven “scientists” employed at Argonne National Laboratory, and a second letter that elaborated on the first, and was signed by only four “scientists” employed at Argonne National Laboratory.  In the published version, the two letters are combined into one, my article is not referred to as a hoax, and the letter is signed by only four “scientists”. 



Letter to the Editor entitled “A Vote for Adiutori” by Professor Graham B. Wallis, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, Nucleonics Magazine, October, 1965.  The letter presents Professor Wallis’ favorable view of my thermal stability article.  (On July 9, 1965, I gave a seminar on two phase heat transfer and thermal stability at Professor Wallis’ two week course on two phase flow and heat transfer, held at Dartmouth College.  His letter to the editor utilized material I presented at that seminar.)



Erratum that recognizes my priority on the subject of thermal stability, by Professor John H. Lienhard, Heat Transfer/Phase Change Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Dept., University of Houston, ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, May, 1989.  The erratum notes that workers in the field generally and inappropriately cite Stephan, Kovalev, Grassman, and Ziegler with the pioneering work in thermal stability, and that my work should be cited instead.



Erratum that states that the appendix in “A Mathematical Model of a Control Rod Drop” by Donis and Goller, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 23 (1972) was taken from work I performed as a consultant to Babcock and Wilcox.



Letter to the Editor entitled “THE NEW HEAT TRANSFER”:  COMMENTS ON O. A. SAUNDERS’ REVIEW”, by M. A. Llory, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, December, 1977.  The letter expresses dissatisfaction with the review by Saunders because it did not properly recognize the validity, priority, and importance of the material presented in The New Heat Transfer.



My letter to the Editor entitled “Comments on “The possibility of determining and using a new local heat transfer coefficient” by G. Danko”, and Danko’s reply, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, February, 1985.  The letter notes that the “new local heat transfer coefficient” described by Danko was considered in The New Heat Transfer, and was rejected because it would be far better to abandon all heat transfer coefficients. 



My letter to the Editor entitled “On the chronology of progress on thermal stability”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, October, 1989.  The letter notes that my May, 1964 article in Nucleonics Magazine, and my related letter later published in Nucleonics Magazine, established my priority on the subject of thermal stability.  It also observes that my priority should be recognized by workers in the field.