Reader Comments on The New Heat Transfer



Over the years, I received many comments from readers, every one of which I read carefully. 


Unfavorable comments did nothing to discourage me.  I have not the slightest doubt that the new engineering is much better than modern engineering.  If science is anything, it is a search for a better way.  And the search will surely result in global acceptance of the new engineering.


Someone who had expressed his negative view of the new engineering added


Don’t let me discourage you.


To which I replied,


Not to worry.  It cannot be done.


At an engineering conference, I met someone whom I had not seen for four or five years, and he noted that I was still promoting the new heat transfer.  He remarked


Are you still promoting the “new heat transfer”?


To which I replied


If you can tell I am breathing, you can be sure I am still promoting the new heat transfer.



Favorable comments


John H. Marchant, Professor and Dean of Engineering, Brown University


Professor Guo Zengyuan, Deputy Director of Institute of Thermal Science and Engineering, Editor of Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing


Research Engineer, Amoco Chemicals Corp.


Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London


Researcher, High Temperature Research Institute, Moscow


Engineering Student, University of Mexico, Mexico City



Unfavorable Comments


Paul W. Barcus, Assistant to the Dean of Engineering, Iowa State University of Science and Technology, Ames


Reader comment printed on Cynamid letterhead


Reader J. B. Turner


Professor Steven L. Sargent, Mechanical Engineering Dept., University of Maryland


J. A. Royer, Chief Project Engineer, Research Center, Eaton Corp.