Talks I was invited to give at ASME and AIChE meetings, 2004/5



In 2004, in order to obtain live audiences, I wrote to the Program Chairpersons for most of the ASME and AIChE local sections.  I offered to speak about the new engineering at dinner meetings, and indicated that I would do so without stipend or reimbursement.  The end result was that I was invited to speak at the 22 local sections listed below.  (To my surprise, most of the sections gave me gifts or awarded me stipends of 100 or 200 dollars.)




5/20/2004        ASME Central Savannah River Section.   Host Kevin Smith.  12 attendees.  Talk given at restaurant in Clearwater, SC.


9/14                 ASME Birmingham Section.  Hostess Kathy Speight.  Attendees: 20 students, 15 professors and engineers.  Talk given on 9/14 at luncheon meeting held in a classroom at University of Alabama at Birmingham. Had dinner with Professor Heng Ban.  He told me that Professor Guo, his graduate school professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing, spoke highly of the new heat transfer, and used The New Heat Transfer as the textbook in his graduate course on heat transfer.  I was scheduled to speak at a dinner meeting on 9/15 in Tuscaloosa, but left because Hurricane Ivan was approaching.


9/23                 AIChE Charlotte Section.  Host George Tyrian.  15 attendees from chemical industries.  Dinner meeting held at Charlotte restaurant.


10/7                 ASME Chicago Section.  Host Roberto Cammino.  35 attendees.  Dinner meeting held at Greek Isles restaurant.


10/11               ASME Oregon Section.  Host Tom Gray.  20 attendees.  Meeting held at Busters Texas BBQ in Tigard, OR.  Good communication with audience.


10/19               ASME Eastern Virginia Section.  Hostess Karen Poole.  30 attendees.  Meeting held at a restaurant called Train Station in Newport News, across the bay from an aircraft carrier.  The screen for my Powerpoint talk was a white tablecloth hung on a rack!


10/20               ASME Chattanooga Section.  Host Professor Ron Goulet, Mechanical Engineering, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  Talk was given on campus in a lecture room.


11/3                 ASME Fairfield County Section.  Host Professor Richard Weber.  20 attendees. Talk was given at restaurant in Fairfield, CT.  Talk was very well received--7 or 8 attendees came up after my talk to express their interest in the new engineering and to thank me for coming.


11/4                 ASME New London Section.  Host Eric Ford, a teacher at the Coast Guard Academy.  Attendees were 10 engineers and seniors, and 25 sophomores.  Talk was given on CGA campus.



11/9            AIChE Tappan Zee Section.  Hostess Rose Ventimiglia.  Attendees were 40 students and 6 professors.  Talk was given on campus of Manhattan College.  One professor told me that, after my talk, two students asked if they could do class problems my way.  She told them yes.  Section webmaster asked if I would like my talk on their website.  I sent him an e-mail stating that I would like my book on their site, but not my talk.  He complied.


11/11            ASME Cleveland Section.  Host Matt Wolf.  20 attendees.  Talk was given at a restaurant in the flats at Cleveland.  My talk was very well received.  When I told the audience that academia generally considers me a crackpot, one attendant said that a Purdue professor with whom he worked had in fact told him that I was a crackpot, and that coming to my talk was a waste of time!


11/18            AIChE Dallas Section.  Host Neal Abernathy.  15 attendees.  Talk was given at restaurant in Dallas.  Very good reception to my talk.


12/7                 ASME Minneapolis Section.  Host Mike McCarthy.  13 attendees.  Everyone seemed to get the gist of the new engineering.  After one hour, I asked if they were ready to quit and they said no.  I talked for 45 more minutes.  Also covered dimensional homogeneity.


12/15/2004      ASME Washington, DC Section.  Host Professor Horace Whitworth, Howard University.  25 attendees, mostly engineers and professors, few students.  Talk was given on Howard University campus.


1/19/2005        ASME West Florida Section.  Host Shane McGoldrick.  29 attendees.  Talk was given at hotel in Tampa.  Receptive audience.


2/8                   ASME Cincinnati Section.  Host Bob Rossman.  35 attendees.  Talk was given at Cincinnati hotel.


2/10                 ASME Dayton Section.  Host John Norton.  21 attendees including 5 professors from Cedarville University.  Receptive audience.


2/24                 ASME Sacramento Section.  Host Tom Darlington.  18 attendees.  Talk was given at Sacramento hotel.  Tom said he thought 90% of attendees got the gist of the new engineering


3/22                 ASME Palm Beach Section.  Host Neil Kant.  15 attendees.  Two were ladies with math background.  I think they both got the gist of TNE.  Talk was given at Palm Beach hotel.


4/20/2005        ASME Northwest Ohio Section.  Host Glenn Siddens.  32 attendees.    Dinner meeting was award night for students from University of Toledo.  Dean of Engineering and 4 professors in audience.  My talk was well received.  Talk was given at Toledo restaurant.


4/21/05            ASME Eastern North Carolina Section.  Host Mike Hillel.  Attendees were 20 engineers, 3 students, 1 adjunct professor, no professors.  Good talk, much interaction with audience, many light moments.  Many attendees seemed to get the gist of the new engineering.  Talk was given on campus of North Carolina State University, Raleigh.


5/19/05            ASME Central Ohio Section.  Host Rob Honaker.  Attendees were 15 engineers, 2 OSU students, 1 Ohio State University professor.   Good talk, very well received.  Talk was given at Fawcett Center, OSU campus.