Dear Colleague,


If you are interested in the new engineering, I suggest you watch a 33-minute video entitled Video of the new engineering.  In the video, I describe the new engineering and explain why the new engineering is more rational and much simpler than conventional engineering.


This site contains downloadable copies of The New Engineering (2017) and most of my published papers, letters, books, presentations, patents, and narratives that relate to the new engineering.


Eugene F. Adiutori

August 21, 2021


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Table of Contents


1.     Downloadable copy of The New Engineering (2017). 


Hardback copies of The New Engineering may be purchased at bookstores (ISBN 978-0-9626220-4-5) or from Ventuno Press, 1094 Sixth Lane N., Naples, FL  34102, $39.95 (USA) or $59.95 (international).


2.  Link to an 18 minute Youtube video entitled “The new engineering” by Eugene F. Adiutori.


 3.  Book entitled The New Heat Transfer


 a.   Narrative about writing and marketing The New Heat Transfer


b.     Downloadable copy of the first edition published in 1974.  


c.     Reviews.


d.    Reader comments


4.    The Russian edition of The New Heat Transfer (published by Mir, Moscow in 1977).


a.     Narrative about the Russian edition of The New Heat Transfer.


b.     Downloadable copy of the Russian edition.


5.    Modern engineering—the brainchild of Joseph Fourier (1822).


6.    Published papers


7.    Published letters and errata that concern the new engineering.


8.    Papers I presented at engineering conferences, none of which was deemed good enough to warrant publication in an American Journal.


9.    Talks I was invited to give at AIChE and ASME dinner meetings.


10.  My patents.


11.   Narratives:


     a.  Debunking the myth that Newton conceived the heat transfer coefficient and the equation inappropriately referred to as “Newton’s law of cooling “ in most American heat transfer texts.


     b.  The storm of protest against “New Theory of Thermal Stability in Boiling Systems” published in Nucleonics in May of 1964, and my response.


c.      My 1964 paper that was accepted for publication in the AIChE Journal (but never published there), and the amazing view expressed by Professor Rohsenow (MIT).  (The paper was published in 1994 in the International Journal of the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineering.  It was just as timely and important in 1994 as it had been in 1964.)


d.     The lecture Professor Graham B. Wallis invited me to give in 1965, and the errors and lack of attribution in his publications on thermal stability.


e.     My futile efforts to publish “A Transformed Moody Chart That Is Read Without Iterating”, including the mind-boggling rejection by the Editor of the ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering.